Subject Re: Permission problem under Windows Vista
Author Adam
--- In, "johleimer" <johleimer@...>
> I installed Firebird 1.5 under Windows Vista and wrote a little Delphi
> program that runs a query (with FIBPlus components)
> against a database table on that server. Unfortunately I am getting the
> following error:
> "No permission for read-write access to database xxx.fdb"
> I am fairly new to Vista so it might be a beginner's mistake. I gave
> full access to xxx.fdb but I am still getting this error.
> I don't know if it's a Vista or a Firebird problem but anyway I am
> completely despaired since I haven't found a solution. Hopefully anyone
> of you can share some experience with a similar problem so I might be
> able to solve that issue.

Check the obvious first.

Make sure the database is inside a folder the user the service is
installed under can see. Make sure the database is not read only. Make
sure the database is not encrypted with your users private key. Make
sure the database path spelt correctly. Make sure there is no other
application that has placed a lock on the file.

Post your Delphi code for establishing the connection. If you are
setting any properties such as the connection string at design time,
also display that.