Subject error formating date in stored procedure
Author salenowon99
Hi I'm repeatedly getting the following error message

Overflow occurred during data type conversion.Conversion error from
string "16/09/2004".

when I try to run a simple stored procedure that takes a varchar(60)
from one column in a table and then does an

INSERT INTO mytable (...) VALUES (..., :str_date);

to store that string as a date.

now after looking through the various newsgroups and assorted posts, I
know that I need to somehow convert that string from dd/mm/yyyy into
mm-dd-yyyy so that firebird can understand it. (Something I've done in
delphi more than once). But I've got no idea how to do this inside a
firebird stored procedure. I've found lots of vague references to
various udf functions and I've tried getting the CAST or EXTRACT
functions to work, but with no success.

I'm working on a tight deadline and I've got to get this sorted, so it
could just be due to the fact I'm panicking that I'm missing something
really obvious. but could some-one spell out how to do the equivalent
of a FormatDateTime('mm-dd-yyyy',aDate) in a firebird stored procedure
to convert a string to a date for me ??

Thanks I'd be eternally grateful

Chris B