Author luluzynha13
I'd like to know if there is any kind of configuration parameter for
TIME variables display in the firebird database. I know that the
values are stored as a double... But there is anything in firebird
that gives a hint to the client applications about what display format
to use?
The reason for my question is an web application that I`m developing
and that uses firebird / php. The Systems administrator had to do a
new installation of the server and while doing that they decided to
upgrade both php and firebird ( php 4.* -> 5.2 / firebird 1.5.2.* ->
Firebird2*) Yeah... I know... recepie for desater! Any way...
after that the web application just doesn`t display properly the TIME
values (Problems with the php/firebird I already found out a php
parameter that configures the TIME format display) But I also had
problems using EMS. EMS is showing me data information in the AM/PM
format instead of using a 24h format which is the way it was behaving
before the new installation. So... I thought that maybe there is
something that I don't know that some how told php and EMS to display
data in the AM/PM format... Anyway... If that behavior has anything to
do with firebird... I would like to know.... Thank you!!!! Thank you
so much...