Subject RE: [firebird-support] What about: New Buil-in function Bool() or Boolean() or BoolCast()
Author sasha
> ...But...
> if you make an offhand report, your user dont know 0 and 1
> against natural language characters ;)
I don't know about your users, but mine are equally puzzles by 0/1, Y/N,
T/F, Yes/No or whatever I give them :)

IMHO if you need to make offhand reports format your values to suite your
users' needs with simple sql like
case when bool_col = 1 then 'T' when bool_col = 0 then 'F' else 'unknown'
end or something similiar...

Introducing the function you proposed wouldn't solve anything on a global
level and you can solve the problem with UDFs, you can create lookup table
for booleans, v2.1 has, I believe, decode function which with you will be
able to shorten the above example... So many good choices...