Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird on Windows - "default port"?
Author Daniel Albuschat
2007/8/3, Dmitry Yemanov <dimitr@...>:
> Tetram Corp wrote:
> >
> > in most cases, fbclient will not be on a server so will not find it...
> In every server installation, fbclient is inside /bin. And every
> administration tool (gbak, gfix, etc) depends on it.

The thing in question is just that the rare case (connection to database
from server to server) is favoured above the more common case (client
connectsto server).

If a server uses two Firebird instances, one on the default port and one
on 3051, every client that wants to use the 3051 one needs to be configured
appropriately. Why should the server behave different? It is *very*
likely that it needs
to be able to connect to both, the default and the 3051 instance.
That's why there's
no gain in favouring the 3051 one, because it just moves the
configuration overhead
(of supplying the port-number) to the configuration of the software
that needs to connect
to the default port.
Usually I try to share the configurations between the server and the
client, because
it makes maintaining easier. When I wanted to share the config in this
case, I would need
to supply the ports to *both* instances, because the client will need
a /3051 for the
'secondary' instance and the server will need a /3050 for the primary one.

IMHO fbclient should *not* be affected of the server configurations.

Daniel Albuschat
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