Subject Firebird on Windows - "default port"?
Author Daniel Albuschat

I just experienced something very strange:

Our application currently is not ported to Firebird 2.0, yet, so we need
to connect to a Firebird 1.5. One of our customers already had Firebird
2.0 installed, prior to install a demo of our application.

So I put together some internal documentation on how to set up a parallel
Firebird-setup. I successfully got our app running on a Firebird 1.5 that
was running concurrently to a Firebird 2.0 on the same machine, on the
port 3051 instead of 3050.
I installed FB 1.5 as an app, modified firebird.conf and started the Guardian.

But somehow this has changed the standard behaviour for applications!
When I tried to connect to our main-server with IBOConsole, supplying
"voyager" as the server, I got 'connection refused'. I had to explicitly
use the port 3050, as in "voyager/3050" to successfully complete the
connection! This influenced every Firebird-application I am running, they're
all trying to connect to 3051 instead of 3050 now, if no port is given.

This basically means, for that particular customer, that the app using
Firebird 2.0 will connect to 1.5 instead and may not run correctly.

Why is that, and where can I change it back?


Daniel Albuschat

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