Subject possible trigger problem under
Author sjlukacs
hello one and all,

i am having some weird intermittent problem with the triggers under basically, a detail table updates an accrual field in the
master table. essentially, the accrual fields are not being updated
properly by the triggers of the detail table. i rewrote the triggers
to ensure that nulls were not entering into the problem. the code for
these triggers have existed for years and i have never had the problem
until i upgraded to 4910. my biggest problem is that i am having such
a hard time reproducing the bug because it is intermittent and at this
point i can't seem to see why it is doing it. the only way that i
know it exists is that the accrual field doesn't add to the sum of the
detail, but again this is in the minority.

i do remember a couple years back when a 1.5 release didn't run the
triggers at all. this bug was fixed very fast back then. however,
this one is very intermittent and has me stumped. any ideas?