Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird == Standard SQL ???
Author sasha
> After reading the documentation for Firebird, I understand it to use
> SQL:1999 standard. I am particularly interested in data types.
> The question is:
> Does firebird support all data types defined within the
> SQL:1999 standard ??? Or does it only support a subset of
> this standard???
Hi, I am far from being an expert on sql standards but here is my two cents
on the subject.
Firebird (or any other RDBMS for that matter) tries to implement as much of
standard as possible. Current standard is SQL:2006 which superseeded
SQL:2003 which in turn superseeded SQL:1999 (you can read about it on
As far as I know there is no RDBMS that implements full sql:1999 standard.

As for data types I think (i am not too sure about it) sql:99 among other
things defines boolean type, which FB does not support natively (you can
easily create domain and use it) and something called user defined types
which are basically structs and not easily implementable (and who would want
it anyway) in FB. So I guess answer to your question is no.
On the other hand if you need to design/implement a system you shouldn't
worry about sql standards, but whether your database of choice suits your