Subject RE: [firebird-support] unsupported on-disk structure for file
Author Leyne, Sean

> I have been using Firebird (1.5) with a delphi 7 application for
> years. I am using Interbase Express (IBX 6.5)...

There is your problem: IBX

Firebird v2.0 introduced a new mechanism to distinguish between Firebird
and Interbase databases -- a very high ODS version # (32700+).

This feature was added since FB and IB databases are no longer
interchangeable and should not be allowed to be opened by the wrong

Unfortunately, the IBX components have never claimed and never intend to
support FB. The fact that they did, was considered to be a "fluke".

You need to investigate another DB component set (IBOjects or FIBPlus
are very good) to replace your IBX components.