Subject Re: Beginer questions: Front-end, ANSI compliance, advanced features
Author Milan Babuskov
--- rpk_2006 wrote:
> (2) Does it support advanced database features like replication,

Via 3rd party tools.

> multi-version concurrency control (MVCC)

Since the first version. It's called MGA in Firebird.

>, clustering etc?

Not yet.

> (3) Which is the best GUI front-end for working with FireBird?

Best? Depends. If you want to spend some money and work on Windows
there are a lot (IBExpert and DBWorkbench are most popular on this
list). If you want something free, there is freeware version of
IBExpert or open-source FlameRobin tool - which is also the only good
option if you use Linux, MacOSX, FreeBSD or Solaris.

> (4) Can it be easily connected to .NET (1.1/2.0) and what
> level is achieved with .NET applications?

There is a .Net driver available for download at the website. Performs
very well.

> (5) Does it have an automated backup feature?

No, but it's easy to build your backup scheme using the operating
system tools (Task scheduler, cron, etc.) and command-line GBAK. If
you still want something special, check out one of these 3rd party tools:

FIBackup - open source - IDPL license

FIBS - open source - GPL license

Time To Backup - commercial

Milan Babuskov