Subject FB 2.0.1, XNET protocol and Events
Author Guido Klapperich
I have posted some days ago, that I have the problem, that the FB Server
shuts down every few minutes (Thread: FB Server shuts down every few
Minutes). Dmitry Yemanov told me, that possibly a badly written UDF is
the reason. I have done some tests and the reason is not a udf, but it
seems, that the combination of the XNET protocol and Events causes the
FB Server to shut down. I use a IBO feature called DML Caching and this
feature works with Events. When I connect to the database via the XNET
protocol and try to register the Event the FB server crashes. It's
reproducible. When I connect via TCP/IP, I have no problems. The server
crashes only with FB 2.0.1, when I switch back to FB 1.5 all works fine.
Is this perhaps a known issue, that will be fixed in FB 2.1?