Subject Getting "gfix" to print out as much info as possible
Author cprund

I'm doing "gfix -mend" on some database and it deletes a table. I'm
recovering the lost table with an application of my own, but I'd like
gfix to print out as much info as possible about the "mending"
process so I know I can have an idea about the quality of data in
ohter tables besides the lost table.

Looking at what seems to me like the sources for gfix, in the
comments, there's a lot of talck about what gfix showd print while
fixing certain kinds of errors. Unfrotunately I can't get it to print
anything usefull!

doing "gfix -mend" only prints out this information:

Numver of record level errors: 3
Number of index page errors: 4
Number of database page errors: 597 (huge number!)

After mend does it's thing I can gbak -b and gbak -r to get most of
the data (except the lost table) but is it only the lost table that
got lost? How about "record level errors"?

Is there a switch I'm missing?

Cosmin Prund