Subject Detecting the firebird server running, and the actual version.
Author Adrian Wreyford
Dear group.

I use Qsetup Installation Pro.

I can test for Service - firebird server or guardian running. - works great,
and correctly detects firebird running.

Now I can branch, and if running, I need to test the version.

Do I look for a registry key?

If a registry key, what is the standard location and values for these keys?

Do I look for an EXE, and how do I determine its version?

Any pointers will be appreciated.

I looked in the INNO setup site, couldn't find anything.

I googled the usergroups, couldn't find anything.

All I found was numerous persons asking the same question, but never a
substantial answer.

Please direct me to a suitable knowledgebase article if it exists, or help
me, if there is an answer to this pressing question.

Regards, and many thanks in advance!

Adrian Wreyford

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