Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird is too fast ;-) - simulate slow network connection
Author Milan Babuskov
Christian Brümmer wrote:
> To get serious: I want to check the behaviour of my program, if there is
> just a slow Network performance. Do you have an idea, if and how I can
> slow down the server? I tried to write scripts, which I was executing in
> parallel but I was not able to slow down the Server.

I use Trickle to simulate slow connections. For example, to test how
would FlameRobin work with remote Firebird server over a modem line, I
use something like

trickle -d 3 -u 3 flamerobin

where -d 3 and -u 3 means: limit download and upload to 3kB/sec.

> Do you know any tools which can be used to slow down the connection?

Trickle is a tool for Linux. I believe you can use NetLimiter on Windows
to do the same.

Milan Babuskov