Subject Re: [firebird-support] Detecting FBEMBED vs. FBCLIENT.DLL
Author Stefan Heymann

I have posted a similar question some time ago. There is no elegant
solution. You could try to look for the size of the DLL you are using
- the Embedded DLL is significantly larger. (The readme suggests to
change the name from fbembed.dll to fbclient.dll so the name is not a

Another solution in your case would be to look at the connection
string: for network access it would include a server name, for
Embedded it would just be a local filename. So if there is a colon and
it is not at the second position in the string, you are likely to have
a network connection (I'm assuming TCP/IP access here).


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> I have an application that I'm working on that will run either Single User
> or Multi-User and its licensing is different in these modes. In multi-user
> we are using a semi-3 tier approach for the application, but in single user
> its just two tier (app + local FB database).

> I'm thinking that FB Embedded for the single user is perfect, but if the
> user wishes to run the application with a network database server, they will
> need FBCLIENT.DLL installed for network access. In multi-user mode, there
> are also a number of services provided by a 'server' application that we
> have developed that are also required, but the client communicates directly
> with the database server in multi-user configuration.

> I need a way to detect if the user is running the app (Delphi 7) against a
> FB Embedded database or against a FB network database. Are there any calls
> that can be made to the client DLL that will tell me which client DLL is
> being used so that we can detect this on startup?

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