Subject Re: [firebird-support] ClassicServer doesn't have server guardian?
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Yusuf,

"ClassicServer doesn't have server guardian?"

> Is that right or am I doing something wrong?

That's right. The problem is that the Guardian - like the Control
Panel Applet - currently doesn't work if Firebird Classic runs as an
application. If you run Classic as a service you *could* set up the
Guardian yourself, but in that case it isn't really necessary: if you
want a service to be automatically restarted when it goes down, you
can arrange that on the Windows Services panel.

Since you're on XP, I suppose you have Firebird running as a service,
so you don't need the Guardian.

BTW, the reason that the Guardian doesn't work with Classic-as-app is
that it tries to start the wrong executable: fbserver.exe. So one
rather silly - but effective - workaround is to rename the Firebid
executable from fbserver_inet_server.exe to fbserver.exe.

The bug is fixed in Firebird 1.5.3, but not yet in 2.0; I don't know
about 2.1.

Paul Vinkenoog