Subject Firebird 2.01 Classic 64 bit on 64 bit Fedora
Author Dalton Calford
Hi all,

Although the firebird rpm for the 64 bit version of classic server
installs correctly, it does not work correctly.

64 Bit Fedora ships with as a legacy 32 bit lib, while is the 64 bit library.
.6 does not have the same api's as .5 so you can not even soft link the
one to the other in order to get utilities such as
"" to work (I probably spelled that one wrong as I
am not at the machine right now and I am working from memory)

Since the classic server was compiled as 64 bit, you can not use the
32bit .5 library (wrong elf type image)

Soooo, has anyone figured out a way to work around this issue? Is this
a known bug that the developers/maintainers should be made aware of?

best regards