Subject problem with sum(), seeking round udf function ref/eDN2032575133
Author dennis
Error: Integer overflow. The result of an integer operation caused the most
significant bit of the result to carry

This error occurred during on execution of the follow query in order to
round to 2 decimals

select fbround(sum(total_final)*100)/100.00 from reg_lines

The same error occurred without the fbround function

select (sum(total_final)*100)/100.00 from reg_lines

So the error is not in fbround but somewhere else!

The same error occurred in simplest query like this (where have to many

select ( 123.1234567890123456 * 100 ) / 100.00 from reg_lines


1. How can we avoid this error?
2. Doesn't any body knows how any udf round function where can called
with how many decimal will return?

Regards Dennis

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