Subject Re: [firebird-support] Rules on embedded server?
Author Jean Clemens
The embedded Firebird does an exclusive acces to the database file, so
muli-user access is not possible.
When the threads to access run under the context of the application,
multiple connections should be possible.

Seen from this context, answers to your questions:

1. Maybe, has to be confirmed if threads run under the same context
2. No, because embedded is an exclusive access
3. c:\my_app\app.exe


Brad Pepers wrote:
> I haven't been able to get a clear picture on the rules for embedded
> database use on Linux and Windows. Can someone answer:
> 1. Can multiple threads in an application each make their own connection
> to a local database using embedded Firebird or can only one thread do
> this? Same with Windows and Linux?
> 2. Can external programs also make a connection to the database while in
> use by the application? Same with Windows and Linux?
> 3. What files need to be included when installing Firebird embedded with
> Linux and Windows?
> Ideally what I want is to use embedded Firebird on Linux and Windows by
> just including a small number of runtime files (shared library or DLL
> and perhaps the messages and a security database?) and I'd like for
> multiple threads in my server to each be able to have their own
> connection to the database. Its fine if external tools can't work with
> the database while my threaded server application is working with it but
> it would be a bonus if they could somehow.
> Thanks for any clarification on this or pointing me to a source of the
> info needed!
> --
> Brad


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