Subject Rules on embedded server?
Author Brad Pepers
I haven't been able to get a clear picture on the rules for embedded
database use on Linux and Windows. Can someone answer:

1. Can multiple threads in an application each make their own connection
to a local database using embedded Firebird or can only one thread do
this? Same with Windows and Linux?

2. Can external programs also make a connection to the database while in
use by the application? Same with Windows and Linux?

3. What files need to be included when installing Firebird embedded with
Linux and Windows?

Ideally what I want is to use embedded Firebird on Linux and Windows by
just including a small number of runtime files (shared library or DLL
and perhaps the messages and a security database?) and I'd like for
multiple threads in my server to each be able to have their own
connection to the database. Its fine if external tools can't work with
the database while my threaded server application is working with it but
it would be a bonus if they could somehow.

Thanks for any clarification on this or pointing me to a source of the
info needed!