Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB2: embedded server as network client not possible
Author Alan McDonald
> >3rd para of the document above clearly states "no facility to accept any
> >network connections"
> >last sentence of Note section is quite incorrect.
> Jarrod doesn't seem confused, but you do.
> What the 3rd para says is "The <my_emph>embedded server </my_emph>
> has no facility to accept any network connections." This was and
> still is correct.
> What Jarrod was drawing attention to was the final line that someone
> has added to the note below it, "In Firebird 2.0, use of the
> embedded server as a network client is no longer possible" is a
> mistake in at least two ways. First, the embedded server never was
> capable of being a network client. Secondly, if it's meant to be
> saying that the embedded *client* in Fb 2.x cannot be a client to
> another server, then that's not true.
> ./hb

I'm not confused... the documents are confused (and confusing). The embedded
server has always done what I wanted of it, no more, no less no confusion. I
often distribute it instead of the normal client.