Subject Re: how to protect DATA
Author Adam
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<jesus_martinez1967@...> wrote:
> hi guys, thanks for answering so soon. i really
> appreciate that.
> my client is a journalist that takes notes of
> different articles provided by different sources.
> he also classified those information by his own
> criteria.
> his criteria, obviously, give his clients the value
> they are paying for.
> my application is just a "browser" of this classified
> information.
> since my application and the database file are
> going to be installed on his clients' machines,
> it is an important thing to encrypt the database.

Rule: Once an untrusted person has access to your fdb file, you have
no security.

If that is TRULY your requirement, then I am afraid there is nothing
you can do, regardless of database engine or encryption. The best you
could do is hide it through obscurity. I would suggest you don't
distribute the database, but rather host it on a centralised server
which your browser can then connect to on-demand.