Subject RE: [firebird-support] how to protect DATA
Author jesus martinez
hi guys, thanks for answering so soon. i really
appreciate that.

my client is a journalist that takes notes of
different articles provided by different sources.
he also classified those information by his own

his criteria, obviously, give his clients the value
they are paying for.

my application is just a "browser" of this classified

since my application and the database file are
going to be installed on his clients' machines,
it is an important thing to encrypt the database.

unaffortunately, components that i am using
( doesnt let me to work on a memory
stream of data, but only to specify a phisical file.

his clients are usually also journalists, so there
is no big deal thinking on be hacked or reverse

it is just to avoid the competence to stole his
value: his classification.

i have to find a way to protect his copyrighted data,
no just by legal registration :-)

any suggestion ?

thanks in advance,

> Alexander,
> > > unaffortunately i didnt find how to encrypt FB
> record,
> > > it cant be done, rigth ?
> > >
> >
> > You should do it on your own. FB has no internal
> encrypt method.
> Actually; not true.
> There is an undocumented feature in the engine (goes
> back to IB) which
> provides the ability to encrypt data in the
> database, using a UDF -- I
> don't recall if it applies to individual records or
> complete database
> pages.
> The only problem, which is why it isn't really
> recommended, is that it
> doesn't really help much:
> If you can access the physical database file to
> begin with, you could
> reasonably be able to access the encryption UDF!
> Sean

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