Subject Re: Database error caused a full table to be lost, can it be recovered
Author cprund
Thanks Ann W. Harrison and Paul Beach.

I knew of Ib/FbFirstAid but ignored it since I never saw a "fixed"
database using it (the demo only does a test).

I have now ordered it on Share*It.


--- In, "cprund" <cosmin.prund@...>
> Hello everyone.
> I just ran into a bad case of database corruption. On the surface
> really did not look that bad since "gfix" only showed errors in 2
> data pages and 3 index pages.
> So I've done the usual:
> gfix -shut
> gfix -mend
> gbak -B
> gbak -R
> Restoring failed, I guess at the time it started restoring my
> procedures, because a table was missing. I opened the database
> "mend" and sure enough, one table was gone! Unfortunately that
> is fairly important for my application and I can't recover without
> Is there any way to recover from such an error? Is there any tool,
> freeware or comercial that can help me deal with such a problem?
> P.S: This is not a database we "run in-house", it's a database from
> one of our clients. I don't think they have a recent backup.
> Thanks,
> Cosmin Prund