Subject firebird database table using too many data pages
Author dianelosg
Hello over there,

I hope someone could help me in with the following problem:

I have a firebird 1.5 database which has a table named FaxMessage
having 11397 records, each records uses about 200 bytes and
according to database statistics this table takes 39801 data pages and
257577 data page slots ( page size is 4096 bytes ). In the same
database there is another table named SmtpMessage which has 98527
records each taking about 200 bytes, but this table uses only 4466
data pages and the same ammount of data page slot. Records are never
deleted from these tables and access pattern to both tables is alike.

How is it possible that FaxMessage table is wasting that lot of space ?

Could it be because of a misbehaving application ?