Subject VIEW disappears
Author rob2xx2
In an application that has been running smoothly for around five
years, I created a VIEW to make some data from two tables available to
a third party application. I created a new user and granted them
SELECT privileges on the VIEW. The other party at first said the link
and VIEW worked fine but twice they have (correctly) reported that the
VIEW disappeared. On the face of it there's no way a DROP VIEW command
could have been executed.

On reflection the SQL syntax I used was not the best - I used an
implicit JOIN on the two tables, and I will replace that with better

Are there any ways that a VIEW can be removed from a database other
than by a DROP VIEW command? Is it possible that an implicit JOIN
could cause a VIEW to be dropped after it has apparently been created
and has delivered records to SELECT queries?

I'm using Firebird version 1.5.

Thanks for any comments and advice.