Subject Re: Migrating from IB5.6 to FB1.5: deleting procedures with keyword names
Author Falko
--- In, Paul Vinkenoog <paul@...> wrote:
> Hi Falko,
> >> Probably because it's a keyword that doesn't make sense in that
> >> context. I'd try
> >>
> >> drop procedure "MONTH"
> > thanks,
> > but that doesn't help.
> What's the error message this time? Again "token unknown" ?

> BTW, in light of what Alan wrote it might be interesting to do a
> "show procedures" in isql. Followed by "show procedure month" (or
> "MONTH") if it's still there.
the procedures are still there (shown in ibexpert)

> Another thing: in an earlier message you said that "drop procedure
> month" works fine if you use an old interbase gds32.dll (against the
> Firebird 1.5 server, I presume).
> If that's the case, why not connect via gds32.dll and drop the
> procedures?
because i have to do drop it from within my app which is executing at
our customers. and they are using firebird and (of course) fbclient.dll.