Subject RE: [firebird-support] External Table Size - Alignment Errors in External Tables
Author Hardy Sherwood
I created the database using v2.0. Therefore the database is ODS11.
Nevertheless, Firebird skipped over four bytes to access a BigInt at an
offset divisible by 4 but not by 8.

Note that after several problems of this nature with external tables that
contained binary data, I abandoned using them in favor of external tables
that only contain ASCII data. Using ASCII external tables significantly
increases the time to load the external table into an internal table as well
as the time to write the corresponding external file. Its frustrating that
there isn't a simple, fast, reliable way of loading bulk data into a
Firebird database.

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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] External Table Size

Hardy Sherwood wrote:


> I'm using FB server version WI-V2.0.0.12748.


> What is a Database ODS version? How do I determine what version I'm

> running?

Did you create (or restore) this database on v2.0 or was it migrated

from v1.5 without a backup/restore cycle? If the former, then the

database should be in ODS11, otherwise it's ODS10.

ODS (on-disk structure) version is a number representing the database

physical layout incarnation, many engine features also depends on this

value. Usually, it could be seen in the "database properties" dialog box

of your GUI admin tool. It can be also retrieved via Firebird API.



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