Subject Re: fb_lock_mgr segfault every 5 minutes
Author wobbleian
> IIRC, some third party maintains the debian packages, and they have
> incorrectly bundled up some breed of FB 1.5 and called it FB 2.

This caused us some confusion back in Ubuntu 5.10 days, but once we
realised that Ubuntu's Firebird2 was actually everyone else's
Firebird1.5 we were happy. And now Ubuntu/Debian also have Firebird2.0
out its all completely clear...

A bigger problem for us has been that the php4 that comes
with Ubuntu is actually the php5 library, so we have to build our own
or copy around an older one...the bug has been open for some time with
no fix.

OT, I must congratulate the firebird-support group - each of the
replies to my posts were within 2 hours. Over on Ubuntu64 forum it
took multiples of days to get replies - certainly not helpful to your
stress levels if you are desperate! Even if the replies dont help, at
least you know you are not alone.



ps I'm not knocking the ubuntu forums - but from the days Im
used to immediate gratification!