Subject Re: fb_lock_mgr segfault every 5 minutes
Author lucas_jessee
--- In, "wobbleian" <wobbleian@...>
> As well as the regular 5 minute segfault we are also experiencing
> random problems connecting to any database which only go away with a
> reboot.
> We have tried posting to Ubuntu's "x86 64-bit Users" support group but
> havent made much progress, so I'm going to try and contact their
> firebird maintainer directly.
> Whilst Im looking for help we are also trying the standard 32bit 1.5
> release on the AMD64 box, I dont know if this will work!
> We have tried to build our own 64bit version on Ubuntu 7.04 but have
> run into compile problems which could be cause for me posting on
> firebird-devel pretty soon....
> Is any one else successfully running AMD64+firebird 1.5+ubuntu?
> Thanks
> Ian

We tried to run Firebird 1.5 on Ubuntu 64-bit (I honestly don't
remember if it was 64bit Firebird or 32bit Firebird). Most of the
problems we had were with the installation script. It didn't set up
all of the symbolic links properly or something of that nature. We
did manage to get Firebird 1.5 running, but I think we usually had to
start it manually (i.e. wouldn't start properly with the init.d script).

We ended up downloading and installing Firebird 2.0.1, and while I did
not perform the installation myself, I understand it was perfect and
error free. Also we've been running it for several months now for our
testing and have had no problems with it crashing. I just tried to
check and see if it was 32-bit or 64-bit, but I realized I have no
idea how to do that. =]