Subject Re: Q: Best web server
Author guillemvic
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> We are complete newbies in this web app arena.
> Thanks for any suggestions and help you can provide.

An interesting solution if you do not have experience in web
languages like PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, etc., etc. is Atozed's Intraweb

Basically you continue to program in Delphi but creating web apps.
The learning curve is very low. State control is no problem at all
and it plays well with Firebird. Any data access component that you
can use in Delphi desktop apps is usable in Intraweb (ADO, Zeos,
FibPlus, etc).

Intraweb has 2 modes: page mode (which is stateless) and app mode
(which is what you need). If you have the Enterprise version of
Delphi you should be able to program in app mode.

Good luck