Subject Q: Best web server
Author red_october_canada
We are a Firebird 2.01, Delphi 7 dev shop. We are very happy with our
choice of technologies. We do have a customer however, that would
benefit from not having to deploy our Delphi Windows clients, so a web
app would do. We know how to make ISAPI DLLs, but the app is going to
be rather huge and dev work will be ongoing, so we were thinking that
having to shut down IIS / Appache to replace an ISAPI DLL every 4 hours
would be considered "bad form".

A buddy of mine told me about his system that uses MS SQL Server and
ColdFusion and Fusebox, to power his gaurenteed 99.9% uptime web app.

Since I know I can trust the advice and experience of the Firebird
newsgroup members, I'm bringing this question to all of you...

To power our web app, we want to use Firebird if possible, so is
ColdFusion the way to go, or is there a better choice? (Either
Commercial or OpenSource is OK)

Do we all have to learn Java? Or is there an Object Pascal technology
we could use that is equivalent to ColdFusion?

We are open to any suggestions you may recommend (based on your
experience) We need something that will serve 500 users per
installation, be hyper-reliable, access Firebird, output
HTML/JavaScript (no ActiveX)

What are the competitors to ColdFusion? (Corba? Borland AppServer?

We are complete newbies in this web app arena.

Thanks for any suggestions and help you can provide.