Subject Re: Q: Best web server
Author Adam
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<red_october_canada@...> wrote:
> We are a Firebird 2.01, Delphi 7 dev shop. We are very happy with our
> choice of technologies. We do have a customer however, that would
> benefit from not having to deploy our Delphi Windows clients, so a web
> app would do. We know how to make ISAPI DLLs, but the app is going to
> be rather huge and dev work will be ongoing, so we were thinking that
> having to shut down IIS / Appache to replace an ISAPI DLL every 4 hours
> would be considered "bad form".
> A buddy of mine told me about his system that uses MS SQL Server and
> ColdFusion and Fusebox, to power his gaurenteed 99.9% uptime web app.
> Since I know I can trust the advice and experience of the Firebird
> newsgroup members, I'm bringing this question to all of you...
> To power our web app, we want to use Firebird if possible, so is
> ColdFusion the way to go, or is there a better choice? (Either
> Commercial or OpenSource is OK)

I would suggest Coldfusion probably isn't the best choice. If you
wanted to stick with Delphi, there is always the .NET route (although
you would probably need a newer Delphi breed than v7).

PHP is a popular choice. If you are familiar with / desire Delphi,
Codegear or whatever they call themselves these days has a product
Delphi for PHP which may be worth investigating.

Ruby on Rails is another popular web framework (although I do not know
how well that plays with Firebird).

In terms of hosting, .NET and PHP are both very easy to find someone
to host with. You may have a bit more trouble finding a good host for
other environments (then again, you may have trouble finding a host
with Firebird installed).

I am currently investigating how to get some of these web frameworks
to play nicely with services written in Delphi, but unfortunately I am
not far enough into it to advise a particular set of technologies.