Subject FB on a SMP Linux box
Author Anderson Farias
Hi all,

til now we´ve been using Firebird 1.5 CS on a Win2003 SMP box - just
fine. BUT -- we´re now moving to another SMP box (multi-core)
running RedHat ES 5 (and probably also moving to FB 2.0). My
question is:

Can we use FB SuperServer? --or-- Even on a Linux box we should keep
going with FB CS in order to have a better 'experience' on a SMP

BTW, anyone here have used FB (1.5 or 2.0) on RedHat Ent. 5?

*If it matters*, here some aditional info: memory is not a problem;
the application has a lot of both: input and reporting (dealing
with "lots" of data); the database is small (about 1-2 Gb); and only
about 20-30 concurrent users.

Thanks for any help,