Subject Re: [firebird-support]
Author Stefan Heymann

I have put together a page about Character Sets here:

There is also a Zip file with the papers and examples from a talk at
the last Firebird Conference I gave about the same topic:

This should help you understand the basics and decide which characters
to use and how to apply it to your database.


Best Regards


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> Hi to all

> Till now we've been using Firebird solely in our country (Slovenia).

> We've used win1250 and pxw_slov.

> Now the demand has arrived to install our SW in Russia , Chech Republic,
> Slovakia, Bulgaria and other countries

> and we don't know what character sets and collations are appropriate.

> Is there anyone in this group that encountered this kind of problem and
> could point me in the right direction.

> Thanks in advance

> Bogdan