Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: aliases.conf not read?
Author Peter Turner
Not sure if this'll help, but....

I seem to remember on Unix/Linux systems that there was a synonym-like relationship between /var and /opt. Is it possible that this relationship isn't there, or the permission isn't set correctly?


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At 07:13 AM 28/06/2007, you wrote:
>Mmmm, it seems that you need to add 'localhost' as in
>"localhost:mydb.fdb" instead of "mydb.fdb"
>Is this recently changed? Since on my old server "mydb.fdb" is sufficient

No change. If you were able to make a direct local connection on
your old server then it must have been Classic architecture. If you
are now using Superserver....on non-windows platforms, you can't make
a direct local connection to a database through SS (and this hasn't
changed). With SS you have to go the local loopback server route (or
full TCP/IP using nodename or IP address, if configured). It's all documented!

If you are using SS, make sure your local client so link is pointing
to, not You can connect to Classic
through either client (needing a network path for,
natch). You can use as a pure client to a remote
database under SS, but you can't make a direct connect to SS through at all.


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