Subject Optimum DefaultDbCachePages/Buffers for Server
Author Tom Conlon

What would be the recommended DefaultDbCachePages (or Buffers) values
to use in the following situation?

MS Windows Server 2003 R2 sp1
AMD Opteron Processor 280
2.41GHZ, 3.83GB Ram
273GB, 66GB Free
FB v1.5.2.4731 (SuperServer)

2 databases running:
main one serving 70-80 user across 2 locations.
small one serving 1-2 users in 1 location.
backups are running 6 times a day (not my choice)

Having recent performance issues. A number of new processes from a
third party are accessing the main database plus MSSQL Server (using
152MB memory)/Javaw/backup (be*.exe) services are installed but have
been there for quite some time 'without any problems'.

Swept, Validated ok, backed up and restored but system is crawling and
this is now a big problem. Any ideas anyone?

Many thanks,