Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird Help!
Author Philippe Makowski
Le 20/06/2007 02:28, john_t_g12345 a dit :
>> Which version of Mandriva?
> Mandriva Server.
>> How exactly? Did you use package from Firebird website or from
>> Mandriva repositories?
> The package came from the Firebird website.
so you use Mandriva CS4 ?
and install Firebird CS ?

if it is that case, Firebird is manage by xinetd
you have to be certain you have xinetd installed (urpmi xinetd)

and if you make :
service firebird start
it will [re]start xinetd

if you make ps -aux you'll see at least the firebird lock manager running
and if there is some connection to a firebird database you 'll see for each
connection a fb_inet_server running

but with Mandriva Control Center, you'll never see FirebirdCS running because it
is a xinetd process