Subject Re: Migrating from IB5.6 to Firebird
Author bausufm
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 05:38 PM 18/06/2007, Paul Hope wrote:
> >I had been told some time ago that to go from IB5.6 to FB 1.5 I must
> >
> >Backup under IB5.6
> >Restore to FB 1.03
> >Backup under FB1.03
> >Restore to FB 1.5
> >
> >Is this correct?
> Correct? Shouldn't be.
> Fb 1.5 shouldn't have any trouble restoring from a gbak file created
> on IB 5.6. Can you describe the problems you have encountered?
> The main concern with IB 5.6 databases will be the
> dialect. Presumably, if your customer has instructed you to upgrade
> to Firebird 1.5, they want you to be able take advantage of the
> language enhancements and newer data types...
> ./heLen

Hi Helen,
1) we have to upgrade all our customer databases from ib56 to fb15
dialect 1 (dialect 3 will be a step in the future).
2) we don't want to have ib56 and fb15 running at the same time.
3) we cannot ensure that our customers backup all their databases
(>100) with ib56 before upgrading to fb15.

->my solution: backup the old (ODS9.1) databases with fb15 and
restoring them to get the new ODS.
i tested it with several databases. they were all fine as far as i can
-> my question: is it really save? what can go wrong?