Subject RE: [firebird-support] blob field
Author Peter Turner
Got to thinking a bit more....

The reason for the intermediate file would be...

- that part is already written

- a blob is basically a container for a binary object (with
some admin stuff). Having the binary file, I could tell the blob object
the size then read the data right into it - just like the example in

since the code is already written for the fprintf's, I was looking to
see if there was something similar for writing to blobs - that's where
the Blob Stream "thingie" came up.



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p_b_turner wrote:
> Have an application written in C++ that currently writes 19k worth of
> formatted data to a file. Need to have a similar function that can
> write (and read) the data to (and from) a blob field in our database.

That should be really easy with IBPP: <>

> is it easier to write the data to a temporary file, then back to the
> blob field?

Probably not. Depends what you find to be easy.

> I have come across mention of a blob stream writing
> interface, I think by Ann Harrison, but can't find an example.

'Stream' as in std::stream?

> would potentially be the best of both worlds, as i'm not looking
> forward to migrating all the fprintf's to binary data writes.

Perhaps you could write your own fprintf function that does what you
need and remove

#include "stdio.h"

from the file that uses it.

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