Subject RE: [firebird-support] blob field
Author Peter Turner
Hi Milan,

Well aware of IBPP and the fact that Blob's can be manipulated that way.
Was looking to see if there was an example that didn't use IBPP. Our
app currently doesn't use IBPP, although it could - it uses the Zeos
Controls interface package.

The Blob Stream interface I was referring to was part of the
documentation at IBPhoenix.


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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] blob field

p_b_turner wrote:
> Have an application written in C++ that currently writes 19k worth of
> formatted data to a file. Need to have a similar function that can
> write (and read) the data to (and from) a blob field in our database.

That should be really easy with IBPP: <>

> is it easier to write the data to a temporary file, then back to the
> blob field?

Probably not. Depends what you find to be easy.

> I have come across mention of a blob stream writing
> interface, I think by Ann Harrison, but can't find an example.

'Stream' as in std::stream?

> would potentially be the best of both worlds, as i'm not looking
> forward to migrating all the fprintf's to binary data writes.

Perhaps you could write your own fprintf function that does what you
need and remove

#include "stdio.h"

from the file that uses it.

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