Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Making backups to a firebird DB, using 3rd party tools
Author Nigel Weeks
If you're using FreeBSD or Linux as your DB server, you could take a
filesystem snapshot, and then rsync the .fdb file to your other host,
without stopping your DB.

Alternatively, you could have a logging table for each table with a
timestamp, and simply query these logs from the last timestamp onwards, so
you can replicate your DB record by record.

Most replication systems work in a similar way, either by logging, or
registering for events, and hopping in and querying to see what's changed,
and there are quite a few to choose from for Firebird.

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Subject: [firebird-support] Re: Making backups to a firebird DB, using 3rd
party tools

--- In firebird-support@ <>, "David Wessell" <dave@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I maintain a Firebird DB that holds data for our inventory
> application. I'm interested in implementing some 3rd party tools (Live
> Vault, Iron Vault) that take snapshots of the server every 15 mins or
> so, and store them offsite.
> Most of these tools use a Open Transaction Manager of some form, to
> make the backups of open files. Since almost always the DB is open,
> and has open connections, it would fall under this banner.
> I'm curious if anyone has ever had any experience, or has any thoughts
> about using a tool like this to backup a Firebird DB every x minutes..
> Thanks
> David


I have not used the tools you refer to. If you are pushing the
database offsite every 15 minutes, I would hope your database is small
or the tools contain can detect deltas within files.

Perhaps nbackup would be of interest to you if you use Firebird 2. It
can do hot incremental backups quite quickly.


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