Subject Re: deadlock - update conflicts with concurrent update
Author Adam
> In my application transactions are committed right away (or roll back
> if exception is caught) without delay.
> But there is a main table with many columns. Many of them are updated
> by different type of transactions. For example, "UpdateCPU"
> transaction updates "Last_CPU" field, and "UpdateMemoryUsage"
> transaction updates "Last_memory_usage" field. Will these two
> transactions conflict with each other when they update the same record?
> If yes, how can I maximize the concurrency, shall I split the fields
> into different tables?

Different tables will work, although if the items are somewhat linked
but not explicitly linked, you probably want to consider something
more like:


ID Name
-- ----
1 Last_CPU
2 Last_Memory_Usage


ID AttributeID Value
-- ----------- ------
1 1 1
2 2 128000

Two transactions can modify records 1 and 2 in AttributeInformation
without locking each other.