Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Delphi7 (with dbexpress) on wine
Author Alan McDonald
> Now I installed the server in another machine ( Using isql
> with command
> connect user sysdba
> password XXXX
> it can connect and execute select's on the server, but when I run 'wine
> Requisicao.exe' it fails. Again the same error messages appears on the
> client firebird.log and nothing on the sever log. But I know there is a
> communication between client and server because when I run 'wine
> Requisicao.exe' the network card led blinks 4 times, give 2 seconds and
> blinks 4 times again, followed by client Requisicao.exe fail (I tried
> several times and ever it do it). Sure that I changed .ini database path
> to 'Database='.
> Is there a way to grow up firebird server log verbosity?
> Tom Lobato

try some basics, can you ping the ip in wine? can you telnet the ip in wine
on 3050?