Subject Re: [firebird-support] Reasons for Checksum Error
Author Woody
From: "Stefan Heymann" <lists@...>
>> I just fixed a production db with this error. The client had power
>> problems
>> for a day or two and several users were booted out at various points of
>> editing information.
> Is it possible that a crashing client connection leads to a corrupted
> database? Please tell me this is not true ...

I don't know. I'm not on site but that's all the information I got. The
connections were forcibly closed by a newly installed server virus/firewall
program being loaded onto the clients remotely. The admin forgot to allow
for port 3050 for the FB server connections so it shut them down. He had to
stop the FB service and restart it to release the dropped connections. Then
they had some power problems at the same time. Although the server is on a
UPS, most of the clients aren't.. They started getting (checksum) errors
moving between records of a certain table. We are running FB,
forced writes on, Win2003 server.

I made a copy of the bad database and still have it. This is actually the
second time this year that it happened. The first time was power outage
during a storm.

Woody (TMW)