Subject Reasons for Checksum Error
Author Stefan Heymann
Today one of my customers had a checksum error on a production

database file appears corrupt ()
bad checksum
checksum error on database page 62220

ISC Error Number: 335544335

What are the possible reasons how a database page can get corrupted?

We managed to successfully restore the latest backup so my question is
not about how to repair it (even though I didn't find out how to
repair it using GFIX) -- it's about what can be done to avoid such
crashes in the future.

System description:
- Hardware: HP Proliant PL380 server
- The database directory is located on a RAID 10 consisting of 4 HDs
- Windows 2000 Server
- Firebird 1.5.2 (now upgraded to 1.5.4)
- Oracle 9.2 database running on the same system (Psipenta ERP)
- the system is well maintained by an administrator