Subject FB embedded issue - concurrent TX on single connection - can somebody please cla
Author gcatdev
Hi all,

I'm using FB 1.5.4 embedded in a Delphi app. I am aware it uses the
superserver architecture and that only one connection can be open to
the DB at at time...

My question is regarding the use of multiple concurrent transactions
in multiple threads agains that single connection. Is it OK to do
this or do you need to syncronize access to the database so only a
single thread can be running a transaction against the connection at
a time.

I would have thought concurrent tx on concurrent threads would be OK
until I came across this article - Overview of Firebird Client
Library Thread Safety [
thread-safety-overview.html ] which states...

'Firebird client library is "thread-safe at the connection level", we
mean that it is safe to use a particular connection in only one
thread at a time, although the same connection can be manipulated by
different threads in a serial fashion'

Could somebody clarify this issue? I had some strange issues in
FIBPlus (Delphi) when using multi tx+multi thread and am wondering if
this is the cause.. hopefully not because it sucks!

Thanks, gcatdev