Subject Re: [firebird-support] Docs: Where to start
Author Kurt Federspiel
This is the BEST SQL book I have ever read...and I
have the third edition.

Plus, I'd get Helen's "The Firebird Book" if you are
going to do ANYTHING with this's like $30 US
for the PDF version and the update.


--- kogerbnz <kogerbnz@...> wrote:
> Hello again, sorry for posting so many questions.
> I have been looking around for docs on
> and other pages. And I'm a bit confused, why
> different pages about the
> same product?
> Anyway, I'm new to databases, so I need to read
> about the SQL and how
> to get started by using Firebird from Delphi.
> The last thing might be out of the scope for this
> forum, but which
> document should I read about learning the SQL
> language. Should I read
> the old IB60 docs or is there another doc that is
> completed, should I
> perhaps find a SQL doc outside the Firebird
> community?
> I see lot of quick ref and smaller documents on
> specific subjects, but
> I havn't found a file about the SQL language.

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