Subject Blocked RemoteAuxPort for 1 user seems to stop all users sessions
Author msimmons15
My application uses port 30050 for event notifications (SuperServer).
What seems to be happening is that if 1 user has this port blocked
(firewall) it causes all other current FB server users to hang. These
users have to kill the application and restart the app, but even then
are not able to connect to the server. The services are running (FB
& Guardian) but users cannot connect to the server. This is Firebird
1.5.2 by the way.

I do not have all of the details on this yet. It has been reported by
a customer. I have noticed the "hanging app" if I did not open up the
RemoteAuxPort port on the server. This situation was a little
different since a couple of users had to go through an additional
firewall, and 30050 (RemoteAuxPort) was not opened on it. The
majority of the users had a clear path to the server and 30050 was

If it is true that this can happen, this is certainly an achilles
heel for the Firebird server( one user experiencing a firewall issue
can kill all of the others).

1. Is this a known problem and if so, has it been fixed by later
Firebird versions?
2. Does anyone know if I can "check" the port (Delphi code) to see if
it is open?
3. Is there any setting that can be adjusted to fix this behavior in

Thanks in advance.
Mike Simmons