Subject Re: Install Firebird automatically with my software
Author terryleonardo
Firebird is using innosetup as installation manager. You can have
more information from

Well, there is also an option that you can trigger Firebird setup
file from your own installation manager, such as InstallShield.

By the way, I search this installation script for a while, but I only
get a very simple one. That copy files and make registry entries.

There are serveral information you can have after you installed
Firebird. That locate in Firebird\Firebird_1_5\doc folder. For
example, which files you should included in your distribution,
utilities to register a Win service for Firebird. However, you should
create dedicate user by your own hand, and it is recommended to
enhance security.



--- In, "yogiyang007"
<yogiyang007@...> wrote:
> > Is the Embedded version of Firebird an option for you? That would
> > be a few DLLs and other files that you deliver together with your
> > application in the application's directory.
> No. I want to install FB Server automatically.
> If anyone can get the installation script of FB I think I will be
> able to comeup with something productive.
> >
> > If you want to install the full server, there is a command line
> > for the setup program that performs a silent install. Please
refer to
> > the documentation for the setup for the exact syntax.
> >
> Where is the documentation? I am not able to find it because the
> install file that I downloaded was a single file only.
> Regards
> Yogi Yang